EMC’s gonna sell the hospital?

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Everything seems to indicate that the county hospital in Kamien Pomorski will be sold. EMC in the second week of October informed about the company’s talks with the Poviat authorities regarding the sale of its shares.

EMC initiates negotiations

EMC has announced in a press information that it has begun negotiations to determine the terms of sale of the Hospital of St. George in Kamien Pomorski. The hospital was leased to the company in 2008. At that time, the agreement was signed for 20 years.

As EMC states in its communication: “The commencement of negotiations aimed at selling the Hospital of St. George for a “symbolic zloty” results from the fact that the company is not able to provide the Hospital services expected by the Poviat authorities, as well as from social responsibility and care for the welfare of the residents of the Poviat of Kamien Pomorski.

St. George’s Hospital

St. George’s Hospital in Kamien Pomorski provides inpatient and outpatient care under contract with the National Health Fund, as well as private services. The facility provides medical services in departments of general surgery, internal diseases (including rapid diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases), paediatric diseases, anaesthesiology and intensive care. The hospital also performs laboratory tests, endoscopic examinations of the alimentary tract (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy), full range of ultrasound and X-ray examinations, as well as resting and exercise ECG, Holter ECG and Holter RR.

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