A new service available in Zabka stores – a telemedicine voucher

A new service available in Zabka stores

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The Zabka chain store introduces the first service in Poland that will allow its customers to purchase a voucher for a medical consultation over the phone, developed by the HomeDoctor company. This service is expected to prove particularly useful bearing in mind the COVID-19 pandemic, during which access to medical personnel is limited. The voucher will be available for purchase at any Zabka store from 1 September this year.

The purchased voucher can be used for consultations with an internist or pediatrician, for PLN 55, or one of the 16 specialists, including an allergist, a dermatologist, an endocrinologist, an ENT specialist, an orthopedist, a pulmonologist, a gynecologist, a geriatrician, a rheumatologist, a nephrologist and a nutritionist for PLN 75. The voucher will be sold in the form of a code on a non-fiscal receipt that covers the total cost of the visit. The package will also contain information and terms of service leaflets. The purchased code should be provided during the phone consultation reservation, which can be submitted by calling the provided number or via the homedoctor.pl website.

Zabka ensures that as part of this service, their clients will receive professional care, medical advice and diagnosis. As a part of the consultations, the patient will also be able to obtain a doctor’s excuse note as well as an e-prescription.

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