Another point on the map of robotization of hospital pharmacies in Poland


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Modern technologies are increasingly used in many areas of healthcare. The popularity of systems for automatic drug administration is growing worldwide. Such a solution will be implemented in the Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship. St. Luke’s Hospital in Konskie intends to invest in a robot in its hospital pharmacy.

Advantages of robotization of pharmacies

The use of robotization in hospital pharmacies reduces unnecessary amounts of drugs in hospital wards. Worldwide research among European, American and Canadian pharmacies using robotization has shown that after the installation of this solution, the frequency of mistakes or chances of releasing the drug potentially interacting with other drugs was reduced by 37%, according to the

Pharmacy robots eliminate mistakes, enable automatic distribution of medicines and allow for economic use of warehouse resources.

Where in Poland was this solution applied?

Robotization of hospital pharmacies in Poland is rare. According to press reports, there are only two such pharmacies in the whole country. This is due to the fact that few hospitals can afford such expenditure. For example, in the Provincial Hospital Complex in Torun in the second half of 2019 a pharmacy robot and pneumatic mail system were installed.

Recently, the St. Luke’s Hospital in Konskie informed that it intends to implement this solution in its institution.

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