Medical marijuana as a sales hit

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Companies offering medical marijuana are breaking records on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. Canopy Growth increased by more than 65% between the beginning of the year and 21 February. The quotations of another company – Cronos Group – increased in the analyzed period by over 115%. Both companies come from Canada, where medical marijuana is legal.

In Poland, medical cannabis has been available since January 2019., one and a half years after its legalization. Spectrum Cannabis decided to distribute drugs based on these ingredients.  One gram costs about 70 PLN.  The product is not subject to refund. Due to the high price, it is a serious impediment for patients.

Patients also encounter problems related to the availability of the drug. Most pharmacies do not offer it and doctors are reluctant to prescribe it. There is also little knowledge about the effect of the drug.

In Poland, the target group of patients in need of cannabis treatment in Poland is about 300,000 people.

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