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profilaktyka 40 plus

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The Ministry of Health in Poland has revealed details of the prophylactic testing programme for people aged 40 and over. 40 Plus Prevention Programme (Program Profilaktyka 40 Plus) can cover up to 11 million Poles within the five years. So this will be the first such extensive prevention program in Poland. The examinations will be available as part of occupational medicine or primary health care (POZ).

12.5 million patients in occupational medicine

The 40 Plus Prevention Programme is aimed at people between 40 and 65 years of age. It will be available for both working and self-employed people as well as the unemployed, provided they have health insurance. The main objective is to diagnose the most common civilisation diseases at an earlier stage. It is primarily the diagnosis of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The tests can be performed within the framework of occupational medicine (preliminary, periodic, control tests) or primary health care (POZ) for people who are not subject to employee tests. According to the MoH, it is the occupational physician who has the unique possibility of detecting a disorder in an employee’s health at an early stage. This is due to the fact that occupational health examinations, which are obligatory, also include people who do not use POZ on a daily basis. This means that within the framework of occupational medicine, 4.5 million examinations are performed annually in Poland on 12.5 million workers.

40 Plus Prevention Programme in two variants

The programme will be available in two variants. The basic package will include laboratory blood tests (such as morphology, cholesterol, glucose), blood pressure measurement and calculation of body mass index (BMI).

If abnormalities are found, the occupational physician or POZ will be able to refer the patient to an in-depth diagnosis. The extended package, depending on the defined risk, will include biochemical tests (cholesterol, triglycerides), fasting glucose levels, ECG, abdominal ultrasound, faecal occult blood test and PSA levels. The novelty will be that an occupational physician will be able to refer an employee to the consultation of a specialist doctor (oncology, cardiology, diabetologist) at the NFZ clinic.

The programme is to be introduced from 1 January 2021. Its estimated costs are about PLN 1.8bn over five years. These costs will depend on the number of people with indications for extended diagnostics. Prophylaxis 40 Plus will be financed from the NFZ funds.

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