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In June 2019, the subsidiary of PBKM announced its intention to acquire two companies operating in the stem cell segment. The transaction may be finalised later this year.

PBKM – the appetite for new acquisitions

On 5th June 2019, PBKM’s subsidiary – Stemlab – concluded an agreement to acquire 65% of shares in Bebecord Stemlife International S.A. Stemlab already held 35% of shares in this company. By executing this transaction, company will be the sole owner of the company. Bebecord in Portugal deals with the acquisition, processing and storage of stem cells in the prepayment model for the storage of biological material. Furthermore, under an agreement with Bebecord’s shareholders, the company will also acquire 100% shares in Bebe4D, which is the owner of Mamas e Bebes and is responsible for customer acquisition.

In total, Stemlab will pay around €7-7.5m for this acquisitions. The final value of the transaction is to be determined by 15th November 2019. The acquisitions will be finalised with own funds and borrowings once all conditions of the agreement have been met and the acquisitions have been approved by the Portuguese antitrust authority.

Latest PBKM’s acquisitions

As we have written in April 2019, in 2018. PBKM has carried out two large acquisitions of companies operating outside Poland. In May 2018, it took over the Swiss Biocell Lugano laboratory. In September 2018, company completed the acquisition of the Portuguese company Stemlab, one of the largest umbilical cord blood banks in Europe. In January 2019, the subsidiary PBKM also acquired 95% of the Spanish IVI Cordon shares.

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