Plasma factory construction in Poland planned

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The construction of a plasma factory in Poland is a topic that returns like a boomerang. Recently, the Ministry of Health has admitted that it is reconsidering such a move. For now, however, we are treating these announcements with detachment, because no details have been disclosed.

Currently, the Ministry of Health is importing plasma-based medicines from abroad. They cost about PLN 300 million a year.  If the construction of a plasma factory in Poland were to start, the costs would be reduced and self-sufficiency would be improved.

The Ministry of Health has been very cautious about this issue for the time being. It is worth recalling that the previous plans ended in a fiscal fraud and a scandal. The Plasma Fractioning Laboratory, which was to be established many years ago in Mielec, never saw the light of day. The public prosecutor’s office in Tarnobrzeg opened an investigation in 2001 into the scamming of a loan for its construction.

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