Telemedicine: another approach by the Ministry of Health

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After a failed contracting undertaking, telemedicine is back on the agenda of the Ministry of Health.  Next year, the Accessibility Plus project will be launched. PLN 300 million will be allocated for activities under the programme. Its aim is to adapt medical facilities to the needs of the disabled. There will also be space for telemedicine solutions. The programme is to cover several hundred medical institutions.

The Ministry of Health is also negotiating another telemedicine project. It is to be financed from Norwegian funds. It is also to be launched in 2019. The first phase will be the development of medical paths. It is likely that the first phase will involve the development of medical paths in seven medical fields. The value of the project is about 70 million PLN.

According to PMR studies, the final share of public funding in the telemedicine market in 2016-2017 was insignificant, as in the end less funds were used than contracted. The interest in such benefits was lower than expected due to their valuation as well as the fear of additional work associated with their implementation. Growth in the market, due to low public expenditure, is currently generated only by private initiatives.

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