The NFZ wants to improve its image

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The National Health Fund (NFZ) wants to take action to improve its functioning and, as a result, its image. The Fund wants to be a modern and efficient organization. This is the aim of the recently published “Assumptions to the NFZ Strategy for 2019-2023”.  The results of the CBOS research indicate that the NFZ positively assesses a very low percentage of Poles. In March 2018, it was below 30%, which was a worse result than in the case of ZUS and the Tax Office.

The strategy presented for public consultation (which will last until 16 November) is of a general nature and does not include proposals for specific actions.  In the next five years, the National Health Fund wants, among other things, to improve the availability and quality of services offered to patients. The Fund also intends to increase the effectiveness, rationality and transparency of the principles of financing services.

In December, the strategy will be presented to the NHF Council for approval.

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