Tetris Challenge: new trend in medical facilities

tetris challenge jurasza bydgoszcz

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Different types of challenges appear regularly in social media. The Tetris Challenge stands out on the plus side because it combines pleasant with useful. More and more healthcare providers are joining the challenge.

Tetris from the medical equipment

The Tetris Challenge was initiated by emergency services such as the ambulance, police and fire brigade. It is spreading rapidly and is already finding followers outside this segment. Polish medical institutions have so far taken up the challenge, among others, of the Krakowskie Pogotowie Ratunkowe and the Szpital Uniwersytecki nr. 1 im. dr. Antoniego Jurasza w Bydgoszczy. As Adrianna Czajkowska, a medical rescuer at the emergency department in Bydgoszcz’s hospital and the originator of the action in this institution, explains in an interview with the PMR, it is based on the idea that the services “break down into the first factors”.

The assumptions of the Tetris Challenge are simple. It is based on the arrangement of the vehicle, its equipment and staff with a kind of puzzle. Everything is enclosed in a rectangular shape, and viewed from above resembles the blocks arranged in the popular game Tetris.

tetris challenge osp naklo
Tetris Challenge by Volunteer Fire Brigade from Naklo nad Notecia
Source: facebook.com/naklostraz

Comparison of equipment and a little fun

The Tetris Challenge is also educational in nature. It allows you to “look” into the interior of rescue vehicles and shows how many larger and smaller elements are needed to save lives. It is very interesting to compare the equipment of ambulances between countries. And that’s what it’s all about: showing the equipment, comparing it and having some fun. As it usually happens with this type of actions, however, there is no shortage of critical comments, which accuse the rescuers of excess free time.

We did the challenge on Sunday at 7:00 a.m. It was attended by staff who came in their spare time or stayed after night duty. The ambulances used are transport ambulances, so it did not interfere with the work of the Hospital Emergency Department even for a moment – says Adrianna Czajkowska. As she adds, it would have taken more time to put all the equipment on display, so everyone took the equipment they thought was worth showing. These included defibrillators, respirators, ultrasounds, beds, LUCAS and ECG cameras.

Tetris Challenge of the Hospital Emergency Department from the Szpital Uniwersytecki nr 1 im. dr. Antoniego Jurasza w Bydgoszczy
Source: the hospital

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