COVID-19 diagnostics with application

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Synektik Group gives hospitals in Poland access to InferRead CT Lung COVID-19 application. It is an innovative software that enables quick detection of COVID-19 disease during lung examination using computed tomography (CT), the company said in the announcement.

CT in COVID-19 diagnostics

The application is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), making rapid analysis of CT examinations using knowledge gained from examinations of other patients around the world. The solution allows to detect the disease caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus even in the initial phase of development. Access to AI results and reports for COVID-19 CT scans is provided by Synektik’s proprietary platform:

It is worth noting that InferRead CT Lung COVID-19 software was developed by an international company InferVision. The company specialises in creating intelligent, self-learning applications supporting imaging diagnostics.

Synektik provides the application

Using the application supports radiologists in quick and accurate assessment of patient’s health. According to Synektik, the application can be used for simultaneous detection and segmentation of lesions, measuring the volume of inflammatory lesions or calculating the volume percentage of lesions in the lungs. In the diagnosed patients the application facilitates, among others, tracking the progression of the COVID-19 disease by comparing the current results of the tests with those previously carried out.

Currently, the application is made available free of charge by Synektik Group to hospitals in Poland. At the same time, the solution is already used in many countries around the world, including China, Japan, Germany, Italy and France.

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