Captor Therapeutics: Dr Tom Shepherd appointed President of the Management Board

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Captor Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company working to develop drugs for cancer and autoimmune diseases, has announced the appointment of President of the Management Board. He has been appointed as Dr Tom Shepherd.

Dr Shepherd joined Captor in early December 2019. At that time, he held the position of business development director. Last week, the company announced that he will assume the role of President of the Management Board at Captor Therapeutics.

Tom Shepherd has many years of experience in biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Prior to Captor Therapeutics, he worked at companies in the UK, Australia, the US, France and Switzerland. According to the company’s press release, in his career to date, Shepherd has been responsible for bringing 3 products into clinical trials and has overseen 12 major licensing deals, 3 corporate acquisitions, 6 private financing rounds and 2 initial public offerings.

In September 2020. Captor Therapeutics filed a prospectus with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and announced that it plans to list on the WSE.


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