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DentalPro, an Italian chain of dental surgeries controlled by the BC Partners fund, has entered the Polish market. Apart from Poland, the chain is already present in two countries in Europe.

DentalPro – a big player from Italy is already in Poland!

DentalPro, a chain of Italian dental surgeries, was founded in 2010 and already has 180 outlets in Europe. The company has recently launched its first dental surgery in Poland, in Lodz, and is planning to open another one in Warsaw, reported. In addition to Poland, DentalPro is already present in two European countries. In its native Italy (leading market) and in Switzerland.

This is not the first chain that has recently spread its wings on the Polish dental services market. Similar plans were announced in July 2020 by the Tar Heel Capital (THC) fund, which quickly began to implement the plans. In this case, the network is so far built through acquisitions, we have written more about it here. It is worth noting that in January 2021, the network was enlarged by another facility, through an acquisition carried out by Centrum Estetique, owned by THC. As part of the transaction, the Tulident clinic from Wroclaw joined the network.

Is there place for another big player on Polish dental services market?

In 2020, the LUX MED Group and Medicover stood out among the largest networks on the dental services market, as in previous years. The fight for a place in the forefront was joined by the currently small network built by the Tar Heel Capital (THC) fund. However, the market is still very fragmented and there are around 21,000 dental surgeries in total in Poland. In our opinion, the consolidation of this market will continue, as in other European countries. Importantly, the dental services market is very promising and therefore there is still place for new players there.

The Polish dental services market has consolidated in 2020. In the analysed period, it did not affect the price erosion. The CPI index reached the highest level among medical services and was much higher than the CPI for the entire economy. However, we should remember that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the value of the dental services market in Poland in 2020 was negative. It is worth noting that according to PMR estimates, as early as 2021 there will be a revival and dynamic growth on the dental services market.

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