StethoMe means health under control?

StethoMe® dziecko reka mama

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The world of healthcare services is increasingly moving boldly into an environment of artificial intelligence and remote working. In the fourth quarter of 2020. StethoMe, a company operating in the telemedicine and healthcare market, has launched its online shop. Among other, a remote stethoscope can be purchased through the shop.

Remote stethoscope available for purchase in the online shop

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown how much can be gained from telemedicine solutions, especially at a time of limited access to traditional healthcare services. This unusual situation has caused numerous companies operating in this field to come out of the shadows, and their often groundbreaking achievements have become an integral part of the functioning of part of society.

One such company is StethoMe. The company, after five years of research, has finally commercialised the StethoMe Asthma solution, which has recently been available for sale to individuals through an online shop. An e-shop with another telemedicine solution, in this case for pregnant women, was also launched in December 2020 by another telemedicine company, as we reported here.

StethoMe Asthma under control

The StethoMe Asthma solution was developed in collaboration with pulmonology specialists. The algorithm is intended to help parents monitor their children’s asthma, but it can also serve as a health checker in the course of infections, pneumonia or bronchitis, among others. It works by detecting abnormal auscultatory sounds and measuring respiratory parameters that are important in the course of asthma. If any parameter deviates from the norm, StethoMe immediately informs about it.

The telemedicine device – the StethoMe remote stethoscope – can be purchased in online shop for PLN 499.99 or a subscription can be purchased for which the cost of the device is PLN 0.01. In January 2021, the e-store offered 12- and 24-month subscriptions for access to the algorithms that monitor proper breathing along with the device, priced at PLN 49.99 and PLN 39.99 per month respectively.

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