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The last days have brought important changes to the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS). These include personnel changes as well as changes in the COVID-19 infection reporting rules. The wave of significant changes was initiated by the resignation of the head of GIS – Jaroslaw Pinkas, about whom rumors have been appearing some time ago.

Pinkas is resigned

On Friday Jaroslaw Pinkas, the former head of GIS, resigned. He gave health problems as the reason for his resignation. The position of the head of GIS was temporarily taken over by his deputy – Krzysztof Saczka. However, he cannot officially take over this position, as he is not a doctor by education.

Saczka has been connected with public administration for years. She has knowledge and experience in the area of management of IT resources and infrastructure, as well as data security in public units, as stated on the government website. He gained higher education at the Cracow University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. Saczka also completed post-graduate studies in European Project Management and IT Project Management in Cracow. At the Warsaw School of Economics he also completed post-graduate studies in the field of Internal Audit and Management Control in public finance units and Management – Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Partnership.

Emilewicz in GIS?

This is not the only change in GIS composition. Namely, as Wirtualna Polska portal informs, Jadwiga Emilewicz is responsible in GIS for computerization, digitalization and improvement of the whole data transfer system (unofficial information).

It is worth reminding that in the media there was more and more talk about discrepancies in the number of reported COVID-19 cases by District Sanitary and Epidemiological Stations and the number given for the whole province. Already in mid-November these differences were pointed out by Michał Rogalski, 19 years old, who developed a database in which he collected and updated the number of COVID-19 cases throughout Poland. In his calculations, the differences for e.g. the Mazowieckie voivodeship reached even 11 thousand cases. Therefore, yesterday it was informed that all District Sanitary and Epidemiological Stations will stop publishing data concerning the number of COVID-19 cases on their websites. The data is to be provided only in a centralised way.

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