Medical marijuana will soon be available in pharmacies

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The Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products (URPL) gave the green light to bring medical marijuana to Poland. The licence was granted to Spectrum Cannabis from the Canadian capital group Conopy Growth Corp. Medical marijuana is to appear in pharmacies at the turn of November and December.

Formalities to obtain approval from URPL lasted from June. In July 2018, Tomasz Witkowski from Cannabis Spectrum said to that product registration procedures in Poland are much more restrictive than in other countries. For this reason, only a few companies in the world are able to meet them. The main reason is that cannabis production must be carried out in accordance with pharmaceutical standards.

Spectrum Cannabis has already signed the first agreements with pharmaceutical wholesalers. Tomasz Witkowski, quoted by Gazeta Wyborcza, also announced an educational campaign for doctors and pharmacists.

In November, it will be a year since the amendment of the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction and the Act on Drug Reimbursement. Since then, drugs with medical marijuana were legal, but not available to patients.

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