LUX MED Group: New clinic in Katowice

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Since September LUX MED Group, one of the largest private medical companies in Poland, has opened a new clinic in Katowice. It is the fourth facility of the Group in this city (three operate under the name LUX MED and one as Family Medicine).

The clinic offers the care of a Pediatrician and a Doctor of the National Health Fund, visits to specialist doctors (including an ophthalmologist within the National Health Fund), as well as occupational medicine services.

The LUX MED Group has over 200 medical centres, including medical centres, outpatient clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centres, as well as over 2.6 thousand partner establishments. The total number of patients is 1.9 million.

According to PMR data, the value of the Polish private healthcare market (without spending on medicines and pharmaceuticals) will exceed in 2018. PLN 24.6bn.

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