Neuca Group to invest PLN 60m

The health service needs PLN 44 billion to fill the budget gap

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Neuca Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Poland, plans to invest in 2021 PLN 60m. This information was disclosed in the group’s management report.

It was reported that the funds will be used to meet several company objectives. As the 2020 management report reads: “Neuca Group is not planning further development of its warehouse network in the near future, but is working on innovative projects to ensure improved efficiency of operations. One of them is a solution based on technologies from the area of artificial intelligence (AI), which will significantly improve the quality of logistics processes – it will ensure automatic control of each parcel leaving the warehouse.

In 2021, Neuca Group also plans to invest in the informatisation of the clinical trial area, a data management program and further upgrading of the Call Center system.  Neuca Group’s liquidity position is very good.  The Group realises high cash flows from operating activities, which allow for the realisation of replacement and development investments (including acquisitions).  In 2021, Neuca Group plans to make investments in fixed assets of approximately PLN 60m.”

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