Mabion will develop three new biosimilars

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Mabion, a Polish biotechnology company, announced that it will start developing three new biosimilar drugs in the second half of 2019. However, the company will inform about the applications of the drugs only at the moment of starting work on them.

In total, the company has qualified research projects into three groups. The first is the active projects, i.e. Mabion CD20 (immunology/oncology), MabionMS (neurology) and MabionEGFR (oncology).  In the case of the former, the company received confirmation from the Turkish Ministry of Health last week that its factory in Konstantynow £ódzki meets the requirements of the Turkish GMP. This is the first step towards the registration of a drug in Turkey. In addition, Mabion is developing MabionVEGF_Fab (oncology) in cooperation with a partner.

The second group includes the already mentioned new biosimilar drugs, which will be developed as early as 2019.

Finally, Mabion’s Board of Directors has developed a pipeline of drugs that will be developed in the long and medium term. These include drugs for autoimmune diseases and oncological drugs. The assumption is that these will be partnership projects. However, it cannot be ruled out that in the case of some of them, Mabion will start the project on its own.

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