Medicover: First private medical company with the mojeID system

moje id

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Medicover, as the first private company in the medical industry in Poland, has implemented the mojeID system. It is an online identity confirmation tool. In the case of Medicover, the system will facilitate access to the patient’s portal, mobile application and telemedicine services.

Biometric signature and mojeID

Medicover’s introduction of the mojeID system is a response to the growing importance of remote services in healthcare. In the company’s medical centres, 40% of all visits are made via telephone, chat or video chat. In the following years, telemedicine services are to develop equally dynamically.

Medicover willingly introduces modern technological tools to its facilities. At the beginning of 2019. Medicover Hospital was the first medical facility in Poland to implement a biometric signature. We have written more on this subject here.

MojeID secures sensitive medical data

According to the KIR company, which is the system operator, mojeID is a tool well suited to the needs of the medical industry. First of all, it enables the improvement of patient service. Thanks to easier identification, it accelerates the process of registration for medical services. It also provides the possibility of making sensitive medical data, e.g. test results, available online.

The mojeID system enables the electronic completion of those formalities that previously required personal authentication. It allows the customer to authenticate himself in the portal of the service provider or office in a way that unambiguously confirms his identity. This confirmation is done through online banking based on data that has been previously checked by a trusted entity – an identity provider, e.g. a bank.

KIR, the system operator, was established on the initiative of the National Bank of Poland, the Polish Bank Association and 16 commercial banks in order to electronise and professionalise interbank settlements in Poland.

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