MBF Group to follow Mercator Medical?

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The latest report by MBF Group indicates that a new player will enter the Polish medical gloves market. The gloves offered by the company are expected to cost nearly half as much as similar products available on the market.

Mercator Medical’s success inspires action

Mecator Medical is a Polish company based in Krakow. It manufactures disposable gloves and distributes disposable medical supplies. It has two factories in Thailand. Mecator Medical has invested heavily in developing its production lines, which has more than paid off during the pandemic. In fact, the company has achieved impressive results that spur others to action.

On 12 July, MBF Group, a strategic and financial advisory company for small and medium-sized enterprises, announced that it has entered into a framework agreement to manufacture and sell gloves under the MBF Medical NitrAG SoftTouch brand. Production will be handled by AGL Grup Petrol Kozmetik Medikal, based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Cheaper does not mean worse

The company wants to offer its products at attractive prices. The cost of MBF Group gloves is expected to be between EUR 3.50-4.00 per box. The market price for similar products is between 6.00 and 8.50 Euros (MBF Group information). The company stresses that the protective gloves have all the certificates required by European law to meet the standard, including the highest level of protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses (EN 374-5 Virus, tested according to ISO 16604:2004 method B).

MBF Group has already reported these products to the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products (URPL), so it can immediately market them on the Polish market.

It is worth noting that MBF Group, in addition to its consultancy business, expanded its activities to include the wholesale of medical supplies in 2020. The company is listed on the NewConnect market.

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