PAN has developed a Polish coronavirus test

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Polish tests for coronavirus may soon be available in health care facilities in Poland. The National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) has just validated the test developed at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), Jaroslaw Gowin informed on Twitter.

Medicofarma will produce a coronavirus test

The coronavirus test was developed in the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, three companies are now to be involved in its production. Future Synthesis and A&A Biotechnology will provide test elements and reagents. Medicofarma will take care of production and registration, under license from PAN. The Institute will receive a commission for each test, which it will use for further research, including product improvement works.

Medicofarma’s production capacity is 20,000 tests per week, but the company can double it. The order for 150,000 was placed by the Polish government. The order is to be completed within one month. Later, hospitals will also be able to place orders.

The number of tests exceeded 100,000

The test developed by the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) is based on Polish-made reagents, according to the newspaper. Similarly to the currently used tests, it is a molecular test, i.e. it is characterised by a very high sensitivity in diagnosing coronavirus.

Currently, Poland uses tests imported from abroad. By 10 April, 118,000 such tests were carried out in Poland, including 10,600 thousand during the last day. Polish laboratories have been allocated 300,000, another 500,000 have been contracted. The cost of the test produced in Poland is to be several times lower than those purchased abroad. Production in Poland is also to be a guarantee of stability of supplies. At the same time, the number of laboratories performing tests may be a bottleneck. It must increase (currently about 60 laboratories perform tests), so that the number of tests performed can also grow.

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