PMR: In Katowice, the saturation of POZ/AOS clinics is the highest in Poland

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Total, in Poland 81% of POZ/AOS outlets are privately owned. This percentage is the highest in Wielkopolskie (92%), while the lowest in Świętokrzyskie (68%), according to the latest report of PMR research company entitled “Private Banking in Poland”. “Development forecasts for the years 2018-2023”.

Less than four outpatient clinics

On average, there are 3.85 outpatient clinics per one primary health care unit (PCP) or outpatient specialist care unit (AOS) in Poland. In the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, the scale of operations is the largest – the average institution has more than five outpatient clinics. At the other extreme there is the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, where on average there are only slightly more than two outpatient clinics in one institution.

The Mazowieckie Voivodeship, which is understandable due to its size, also has the largest number of centres with POZ/AOS clinics – over 13% of the total number for Poland. Among them, as many as 43% are in Warsaw, which is the highest percentage among voivodship cities. On the other hand, the share of institutions run by private entities in the total number of institutions is on one of the lower levels in Poland and amounts to 76% for the whole voivodship (and 75% for Warsaw), which is related, among others, to the location of large public centres (e.g. oncological, clinical, military) in the capital, which offer hospital and outpatient services. At the same time, private medical companies operate on a large scale in Warsaw, running medical centres and outpatient clinics there.

At the same time, it should be remembered that medical services in the capital are used not only by its residents (including students and unregistered persons), but also by residents of the broadly understood Warsaw agglomeration, and even further areas of the voivodeship, who often commute to Warsaw every day to work. These may also be people from all over Poland, e.g. in case of highly specialized consultations before procedures.

In Katowice and Sopot the highest saturation

Sopot, which is the county with the highest saturation in Poland with the number of institutions, ranked second in terms of the saturation with counselling centres (per 1,000 inhabitants), which shows that in this city operates not only a significant number of institutions, but they are also characterized by a wide range of activities. Katowice took the first place in the ranking, but it should be taken into account that due to its location in the Silesian agglomeration, the benefits in this city can also be used by the inhabitants of other, nearby cities.

The only German county in the top 20 counties with the highest saturation of counselling centres is the myszkowski county located in the Silesian Voivodeship. In total, as many as five of the top 20 poviats in the ranking are located in Silesia.

Cracow is the leader of wage growth

The development in the private healthcare segment is significantly related to macroeconomic and demographic trends. It is natural that a decision to launch a clinic should be made not only on the basis of data on the current level of benefit saturation, but also taking into account human resources (problems with the lack of doctors are a significant barrier to growth), as well as population, wage and unemployment forecasts.

Specifically for the purposes of the report, PMR made forecasts of key macroeconomic and demographic indicators significant from the point of view of private health care for each poviat in Poland.

As far as salaries are concerned, the fastest growth will be related to the largest cities (outside the capital city): The largest cities in Poland are: Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Rzeszów, Łódź and the surrounding areas, such as the districts of Kraków and Wieliczka. Although Lubin county will maintain its leading position in terms of the highest average gross salary in the forecast period, the salary growth in this area will be over one third lower than in Kraków, where PMR forecasts the highest growth within the forecast horizon.

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