Scan-Anida as part of Aflofarm, will there be further acquisitions?

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On January 2, 2019, Scan-Anida became part of Aflofarm. Scan-Anida’s portfolio includes mainly medical products and natural cosmetics, primarily for hand and foot care. The company also offers medicinal and chemical products. Its headquarters is located in Krakow.

In 2017, the company’s revenues amounted to PLN 16.4 million and net profit to PLN 1.2 million.

This is another acquisition of Aflofarm in recent months. In October, the company took over Trec Nutrition, a manufacturer of specialist preparations for sportsmen and sportswomen. Aflofarm does not rule out further acquisitions. – We are looking for companies that are not only prospective, but whose profile fits us best – as a leader in the pharmaceutical market in Poland – said Jacek Furman, President of the company. In our opinion, this means that Aflofarm is targeting companies whose main business profile is not the sale of medicines. Foreign expansion is also a priority for the next few years.

According to PMR data, the dermocosmetics segment, in which Scan-Anida operates mainly, will develop in 2019-2023 at a rate of about 3% annually in terms of value. In 2017, the Anida line was the sales leader in the category of body lotions and moisturising lotions. The company was also the leader in this category, with 20% in value terms and as much as 39% in volume terms. The Company is also present in the rankings of brands for foot care (including excessive foot perspiration) and hand care.

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