AMG is closing the hospital in Ryki

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The hospital in Ryki has been closed. The facility has been leased by AMG Centrum Medyczne since 2013 and was announced on 31 October. The reason was financial problems related to the loss of a part of the NFZ contract and other obligations.

This week, Kurier Lubelski reported that the director of the Lublin NFZ reported the matter to the prosecutor’s office. It is about the exposure of patients to direct danger of serious damage to their health. Particularly important was the lack of access to night and holiday health care.

The District Hospital in Ryki lost its lump sum NFZ contract because it did not implement the plan of services. As stated by the Lublin NFZ in the magazine “Kurier Lubelski”, the institution was the only hospital in the Lublin Voivodeship that performed it below 90% – at the level of 73%.

The history of the hospital in Ryki is quite turbulent. In 2009, a decision was made to completely liquidate the SPZOZ in Ryki. The hospital’s real estate was leased by NZOZ “Klinika” on a non-campaign basis for 30 years. Shortly afterwards, the company got into financial trouble. Then, the National Health Fund terminated its contract for providing health services in 2013, because it noticed irregularities in running the hospital. The hospital was then leased by AMG Centrum Medyczne, although it soon became financially troubled. In 2016, Centrum Dializa Sp. z o.o. took over the company.

AMG Centrum Medyczne, which used to run two hospitals, does not have any at present. In the middle of the year, the district starost terminated the contract for the lease of the building of the district hospital in Rawa Mazowiecka. The company has been leasing it since 2013.

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