Do large psychiatric hospitals have a future?

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A pilot study on how Mental Health Centres work has been underway since July this year. Mental Health Centres will largely replace psychiatric hospitals. The motto of the reform is the so-called coordinated care.

Currently, there are 26 centres operating within the pilot project. The tested model assumes outpatient care on an outpatient basis. The legislator aims to reduce the cost-intensive operation of large psychiatric hospitals.
It assumes the comprehensiveness of patient care and cooperation between out-patient counselling centres, community and home care teams, day and in-patient wards, other emergency care centres and non-governmental institutions.

Previous attempts to reform psychiatric care under the National Programme for Mental Health Protection failed. There was a lack of financial resources, specific objectives and good organisation. Mental Health Centres is a new idea of the Ministry of Health aimed at improving access to this type of care.

At the same time, private psychiatric hospitals are being set up as mushrooms after the rain.

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