Online treatment: half of Poles say yes!


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According to the Digital Poland Foundation report, as many as 97% of Poles appreciate innovative solutions, but only half of us would choose to consult a doctor online.

Modern technologies and treatment of Poles

Health is one of the most appreciated values by Poles. Over 90% of the population positively assesses the dissemination of new technologies in medicine. Nevertheless, according to the report “Technology at the service of society”, it has little impact on the real preferences and individual decisions made in this area. One in two Poles would decide to consult a doctor by video, and three quarters could wear a special band to monitor their health and send information to the doctor.

What is interesting, among Poles there is also a significant fear of using modern technologies in medical procedures. Performing a relatively simple surgical procedure by a robot is currently accepted by only one third of respondents. This means that the society expects a modern health care system and innovative equipment. Treatment, however, should still be performed in the traditional way, i.e. through direct contact with a doctor.

Digital Poland Foundation survey prepared by IQS using the CATI method on a representative group of 1 thousand adult Poles in the period from 24 July to 4 August 2019.

Treatment and Poles’ expectations

The expectations of Poles towards health care in our country are high and it can be expected that they will grow in the coming years. Indeed, in the study discussed here, two of the five biggest challenges are related to health care. As many as 83% expect the waiting time for a visit to a doctor or a procedure in a hospital to be shortened, and 77% of respondents stated that the Polish health service operates very poorly and it is impossible to use modern medicines and therapies.

The survey, conducted by PMR in 2018, among non-public facilities offering telemedicine services showed that at present the largest group of barriers to growth of telemedicine in Poland relates to the lack of awareness of this service among patients (especially elderly people, who are not very skilful at using technological novelties) and thus lack of interest in the solution. Interestingly, respondents also point to the reluctance of doctors in relation to such services (or too slow their acceptance).

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