Karol Piasecki as new President of EMC Instytut Medyczny


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Karol Piasecki was appointed President of the Management Board of EMC Instytut Medyczny on Friday (14th June). The decision was made at a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the company. Piasecki, so far strongly connected with the pharmacy chain Dr. Max, will be responsible for development, promotion and marketing in his new position.

Will Karol Piasecki repeat the success of the pharmacy chain Dr. Max in EMC Instytut Medyczny

Karol Piasecki has been involved in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry for over 14 years. He is a graduate of law at the University of Białystok. According to EMC Instytut Medyczny, in 2008-2010 he restructured DOZ S.A., the largest pharmacy chain in Poland. Later, in 2011-2019, he was appointed Managing Director of the largest independent pharmacy chain in Poland – Dr. Max. He carried out a recovery plan there. During his term of office, he increased the company’s sales more than tenfold.

EMC Instytut Medyczny so far

EMC Instytut Medyczny operates 23 outpatient clinics and 10 hospitals in Poland. The company’s largest investments carried out in 2018 include the construction of AOS and POZ clinics in Kwidzyn. In 2018, the capital group EMC Instytut Medyczny generated revenues of nearly PLN 338m, recording a loss of PLN 16.7m.

Both the Dr Max pharmacy chain and EMC Instytut Medyczny belong to the subsidiaries of the Penta Group

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