Rzeszow: University hospital for over PLN 500m?

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A university hospital may be established in Swilcza near Rzeszow. The investment, worth over PLN 500m, is to be carried out by the University of Rzeszow (UR), which has been running a medical faculty for several years.

University hospital as a green-field investment

Since the Faculty of Medicine was opened in Rzeszow a few years ago, the discussion about the construction of a university hospital in the city has been returning. Initially, an idea was put forward for the marshal of the voivodeship to donate one of voivodeship’s hospitals for this purpose. However, after long negotiations, the UR’s senate rejected this proposal. The mayor of Rzeszow, Tadeusz Ferenc, is in favour of building a hospital from scratch. He repeatedly declared that the city would donate an appropriate plot of land for this purpose. Now it turns out that the hospital can actually be built from scratch, but in the district of Swilcza near Rzeszow, reports Gazeta Wyborcza. It would be located near the junction of the A4 motorway and the S19 expressway.

The concept of the university hospital is ready. Its implementation would be a part of a larger investment plan of the university, with a total value of PLN 892m. The construction of the hospital would consume PLN 523m. According to the assumptions, the hospital would serve not only to educate students, but also to provide innovative treatment, e.g. oncological treatment. In addition to the hospital, the Centre for Medical Diagnostics and Personalised Medicine would also be established. The decision on the form in which the parcel will be transferred to the UR has not yet been made.

The investment will be supported by the state budget?

However, this is not the end of the university’s investment plans. In Przemysl, the UR intends to establish the Institute of Cross-Border Medicine, dedicated to patients from Ukraine with rare diseases. In Rzeszow, apart from the hospital, a mental health centre for young people and adults as well as an addiction treatment centre may be established.

UR hopes to obtain funds for investments from the state budget. As the university authorities emphasise, its budget and the voivodeship budget are not able to bear such financial outlays. In the past, other universities received similar subsidies from state.

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