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Adamed will receive approximately $122m from Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc. for the sale of a licence to conduct further development work on an innovative molecule that will potentially be used to treat psychiatric disorders. The molecule developed in Adamed’s laboratories is currently at an advanced stage of preclinical development.

Adamed with exclusive rights in Poland

As part of Adamed’s neuropsychiatric research platform, a team of experts has brought an innovative molecule with the potential to treat psychiatric disorders to an advanced stage of preclinical development. The technology is a result of long-term cooperation between Adamed and the Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum and the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw. Under the agreement, intellectual property rights generated so far during the development of the molecule will remain in Poland, subject to Acadia’s rights under the agreement. Furthermore, Adamed will have exclusive rights to the drug on the Polish market and the possibility of implementing it in Poland and other parts of Europe.

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc., a US-based company, is engaged in the development of innovative solutions in neuropsychiatry. By financing the project, Adamed has brought the molecule to an advanced stage of preclinical development. Acadia will make every effort to complete the preclinical evaluation, take the molecule through the entire clinical development stage until it is approved for marketing.

Polish company to invest

As part of the agreement, Adamed will receive up-front consideration and further payments in the future for achieving further milestones in the project. A total of approximately $122m is being referred to. And furthermore, Adamed will be entitled to a royalty on net sales.

The first funds obtained are to be used to supplement the source of financing for the expansion of Adamed’s Production and Logistics Centre in Pabianice (the cost of this investment is estimated at over PLN 300m over the next 5 years). Further funds will be used to invest in Adamed’s research and development projects.

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