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Chiesi Poland, a pharmaceutical company belonging to Chiesi Group, has announced the purchase of 100% of shares in Smart Pharma. The company intends to develop a portfolio of products for infants and children of the Poznan company. Ultimately, both companies will be merged.

Smart Pharma: position on the pharmaceutical market

Smart Pharma sp. z o.o. was founded in 2014 by Michal Taisner. As stated in the statement, funds were put into the development of the company at the initial stage: YouNick Mint, SpeedUp Innovation and ZYLIOON Invest. From the beginning, the company developed niche products, mainly in the field of neonatology, including products with elementary iron and a set of so-called hematopoietic vitamins and preparations for use in the prevention of iron deficiency anemia (Innofer, InnovitumB).

In 2019, sales of Smart Pharma products amounted to nearly PLN 10m (IQVIA data). In June 2020. Smart Pharma Sp. z o.o. was awarded the title of Poznan Business Leader in the Microentrepreneur category.

Chiesi plans to develop its product portfolio

Chiesi Poland is a pharmaceutical company with many years of experience. It is part of an international group present in 29 countries. In Poland it develops both organically and through acquisitions. The company’s portfolio focuses primarily on prescription drugs. In Poland, one of the best known products of Chiesi is Fostex. Inhalation drug with anti-inflammatory and bronchial dilatation effect, facilitating the free flow of air in the airways.

After the acquisition, Chiesi Poland plans to develop its current Smart Pharma product portfolio. Ultimately, the companies are to be integrated. Michal Taisner will serve as the company’s president until the end of 2020. Then he will take part in the process of integration of both entities.

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