Polish celebrities spread their wings on the dietary supplements market

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Robert Lewandowski is not only developing on the football pitch! After breaking the record of the long-time scoring king Gerd Mueller on Saturday, more news about his activities appeared online yesterday. Namely, the Levann company of Anna and Robert Lewandowski is entering the dietary supplement market. On Thursday, Paulina Krupinska also informed about the new brand of dietary supplements.

Anna and Robert Lewandowski enter dietary supplements market

The dietary supplement market is going well. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, it recorded an increase in sales value in 2020. Poles are eagerly reaching for products that support their health. All this makes more and more companies interested in investing in this area. Interestingly, on 24 May the first Levann brand products went on sale, reports horecatrends.pl. Anna and Robert Lewandowski under the banner of the new company will combine their own brands: Foods by Ann, RL9 and RL9 Coffee.

Levann’s range includes vitamins and supplements such as Omega-3 D3 + K2, Vitamin D3 and K2, Vitamin and Mineral Set for Men, Vitamin and Mineral Set for Women, Vitamin C Complex, Vitamin B Complex, Ashwaganda and supplements to support concentration and energy. Levann Supplements products are to be available, among others: in the Super-Pharm chain, in the online shop of douglas.pl perfumery, on empik.com and on foodsbyann.com.

Paulina Krupinska opts for naturalness

Recently, a new brand of dietary supplements was announced on her profile on Instagram by Paulina Krupinska. The Polish model and TV presenter has launched natural supplements under the @nanocarepharma brand, which she has been working on for, as she informed, “a nice couple of months”. Krupinska offers three dietary supplements: Hair Nails and Skin Therapy, Detox and Anti Eau Therapy and Anti Aging Therapy.

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