Satis Group invests strongly in health

znamiona rak skory diagnostyka

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Myneviskin Sp. z o.o, whose investor is Satis Group, has signed an agreement with Puwer Polska, which specialises in medical marketing, concerning a scanner for early diagnosis of skin cancer. The solution is to hit the commercial market by the end of June. Moreover, it is possible that Satis Group will also open infertility treatment clinics in Poland.

Myneviskin scanner for early diagnosis of skin cancer hits pharmacies

Under Myneviskin’s agreement with Puwer Polska, the device is to be found in two pharmacy chains with 60 outlets in the initial commercialisation phase. Ultimately, Myneviskin is to be ready to introduce the product to 12,000 Polish pharmacies, according to the agreement with Puwer Polska. The sales launch is planned by the end of June. The arrangements between Myneviskin and the partner also provide for the launch of mobile testing in Poland.

Myneviskin sp. z o.o. has developed a system: an application combined with a scanner and a set of educational and instructional materials, which will put the patient in contact with the doctor and enable a preliminary diagnosis of different forms and types of malignant neoplasms, as well as skin lesions on the basis of the characteristic features of nevi (including pigmentation, shape, structure, etc.).  The originator of the scanner and the founder of Myneviskin is Yulianna Yussef, a blogger and influencer known worldwide through dozens of articles describing her life with skin nevis.

At the beginning of May, Satis Group SA announced the conclusion of an investment agreement with Myneviskin Sp. z o.o. Under the agreement, the Company will acquire 25% of the shares in the medical-cosmetic business for a total amount of PLN 1.25 million, which it will acquire by 31 September 2021. The investment in Myneviskin is the next stage of Satis Group’s expansion on the promising medtech market. On 30 April this year. The company acquired a stake in medical company INVO BioScience Inc. listed on NASDAQ.

Satis Group plans to open infertility clinics offering new treatment method from US

A new player could be about to enter the market for infertility treatment in Poland. Satis Group, a tech group listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, announced in recent days that it is in advanced talks with INVO BioScience, a US firm that has developed an innovative in vivo method of assisted reproduction, regarding co-operation. Satis Group wants to open clinics in Poland (and other countries in the Central and Eastern European region) that will provide infertility treatment using the technique, which is called INVOcell.

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