Medicover invests in fertility clinics in Norway


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Medicover is entering the Norwegian market by acquiring a private network of infertility treatment clinics. By investing in Klinikk Hausken, which has four clinics in Norway’s largest cities, the company has decided to expand its infertility treatment business. The expansion into a new market is related to the recent liberalisation of the Norwegian law on in vitro fertilisation.

Klinikk Hausken, which enjoys a good reputation among patients, will allow Medicover to both expand its operations and strengthen its technological base. The Norwegian chain is known for its high effectiveness of the treatments performed, which are carried out using modern technologies and specialised medical equipment. Since 2006, the network has established its position on the market, becoming the largest private company providing infertility treatment in Norway. More than 2,800 IVF cycles per year are performed at Klinikk Hausken, and the company employs 29 medical and administrative staff.

Medicover acquired 70% of Klinikk Hausken AS for €18.2m including assumed debt. The revenue of the acquired company, formerly known as Fertilitet Vest AS, was €6.5m for 2020. Thanks to the acquisition of the Norwegian network, Medicover, which until now owned facilities offering infertility treatment in Poland, India, and Ukraine, will be able to expand its business. This will also benefit Norwegian patients who, thanks to the liberalisation of the national law on in vitro fertilisation, will not have to resort to treatment abroad. For Medicover, this legal change will mean increased demand for its services, which may translate into a stronger position of Klinikk Hausken on the market. According to Jon Hausken, founder of Klinikk Hausken, the cooperation with Medicover will contribute to the joint success of both companies.

Medicover is a company founded in 1995 and headquartered in Stockholm, offering medical and diagnostic services. Initially, its operations were limited to the Polish market, but the company soon expanded to other countries, such as Germany, Romania, Ukraine, and India. The company has a network of hospitals, diagnostic laboratories as well as blood collection points, and patients can also benefit from dental centres, optical salons, and gyms. It also offers high-quality care based on the Integrated Healthcare Model and a wide range of laboratory services. Currently, Medicover employs over 32,000 people, and its last year’s revenues amounted to €998m.

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