Teleconsultations: there is an agreement between GPs

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After more than four hours of deliberation with the Minister of Health on Monday, the family doctors (GPs) worked out a compromise on the treatment of patients with the COVID-19 suspicion. Therefore, it will be possible to issue a referral for a test to diagnose the presence of Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus without a physical examination.

Fear of new COVID-19 infection outbreaks in GPs clinics

The family doctors, following the announcement by the Ministry of Health of the proposed changes to their involvement in the fight against COVID-19, expressed their concerns. Talks were therefore held with their representatives. A compromise was reached as a result of the discussions. As a result, in cases where the symptoms clearly indicate COVID-19, i.e. high fever above 38 degrees, dyspnea, coughing and olfactory or taste disorders, the family doctor may issue a referral to COVID-19 as part of a teleconsultations. Importantly, the second visit with persistent symptoms after 3-5 days was also replaced by a teleconsultations.

The adopted solution is to eliminate the possibility of the spread of COVID-19 in GPs clinics. Visits related to diseases of the upper respiratory tract are to take place as part of the teleconsultations. With previous proposals, maintaining epidemiological safety would be limited. At the end of September, further talks are to be held with representatives of GPs doctors to verify the effectiveness of the solutions adopted.

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