The hospital in Kozienice will change its owner?

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Gajda-Med and the Nowy Szpital Group (GNS) are the entities interested in running the county hospital in Kozienice. Both the local government and the management of the facility are looking for solutions that would improve its difficult financial situation.  One of the options considered is lease to a private investor.

In January, representatives of both companies presented solutions they would like to implement in the hospital.  The decision to choose the investor has not yet been made, and further meetings are not excluded.

According to PMR’s data, the Kozienice hospital has about 370 beds in over 10 wards. Most of the beds are located in internal medicine (60) and general surgery (nearly 50) wards. The facility also operates in the field of infectious diseases, gynaecology and obstetrics (including neonatology), pediatrics and orthopaedics.

GNS is one of the largest non-public hospital groups in Poland. It operates in the whole country. According to PMR data, at the end of 2018 there were nearly 1.7 thousand beds in nine facilities operated by the Group.  GNS has already announced earlier the development of its business, including through acquisitions.

The Gajda-Med Group focuses primarily on outpatient activities. It runs over 20 outpatient clinics in the Mazowieckie and Podlaskie Voivodships. The Group also owns a hospital in Pułtusk (run jointly with the County Office).

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