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wojciech kossut falck

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The extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of PZU decided to appoint the management board of Falck Centra Medyczne. The management board remains one-person, Wojciech Kossut became CEO.

Wojciech Kossut will lead Falck

Wojciech Kossut is a manager with 20 years of experience. Since December 2018, he has been the operational director of PZU Zdrowie. Previously, he was associated with the CMP Medical Centre, where he was the Chief Operating Officer. Between 2004 and 2014, he worked for Dantex Med, where he was a commercial director, managing director and member of the management board. He coordinated the process of selling the company to Medicover (currently it operates under the Medi Partner brand).

PZU took over Falck at the beginning of June 2019. The transaction involved 32 medical centres located in 14 cities. Thanks to this takeover, PZU increased the number of its own outlets from 65 to 97.

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