Patients need rehabilitation after COVID-19 – government announces a pilot

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On the website of the Government Legislation Centre (RCL) on 14 July 2020, was published a draft regulation of the Minister of Health on a pilot program of medical rehabilitation for patients after COVID-19. Rehabilitation is necessary for full recovery of patients after COVID-19. The pilot will be financed by the National Health Fund (NHF).

A pilot – basic assumptions

Currently, the care of patients with COVID-19 is mainly focused on the management of patients treated in the hospital in the acute phase of the disease. However, there is no established management of the therapeutic rehabilitation of such patients. The aim of the pilot is to test the therapeutic rehabilitation program for post- COVID-19 patients, aimed at remission of the disease, improvement of exercise and circulatory capacity, respiratory efficiency, muscle strength, and general physical fitness and support of mental health.

The draft regulation was not submitted for opinion and public consultation due to the exceptional nature of the regulation and the urgent need to start comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation of patients after COVID-19. As we read in the OSR, the cost of a patient after COVID-19 at the rehabilitation ward was estimated at PLN 200 per day. The pilot will be financed within the framework of measures provided for in the NHF financial plan, as part of transfers between the items of the financial plan.

Rehabilitation after COVID-19 – how and where will it be available?

The draft regulation defines individual models of respiratory physiotherapy and health care services dedicated to patients requiring rehabilitation after COVID-19. The introduction of rehabilitation in patients after COVID-19 may prevent: prolonged return to work, reduced earning capacity, reduced daily activity, loss of independence, susceptibility to infections and appearance of other coexisting diseases.

The pilot will be carried out in the Independent Public Health Care Unit of the Specialist Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration in Gluchołazy, St. John Paul II, where the Pulmonological Rehabilitation Unit is located. The regulation is to enter into force after 14 days from the date of its announcement. However, within 3 months from the end of the pilot program, a report on its implementation will be drawn up, including the evaluation of indicators together with the development of statistical data.

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