Start of March with impressive acquisitions on the private healthcare market

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The last month of the first quarter of 2021 begins with two important acquisitions on the private healthcare market in Poland. Jantar Rehabilitation Hospital and Ortho Esthetica Clinic gained a new owner. Two important players on the Polish private healthcare market, Medicover and Polmed, have invested in these acquisitions.

Medicover – continuing to implement a wider plan

The pandemic has become a good time to implement acquisitions in the dental services market in Poland. The rather fragmented market has gained a new impetus for consolidation. Although already before the pandemic many players were interested in this market segment. Now, however, the new reality has made small companies recognise the benefits to be gained from belonging to a larger group. Therefore, dental clinic chains are growing – not only organically, but also through acquisitions. Already in 2020, we reported on numerous acquisitions in this area.

As announced in December, Medicover is continuing to invest in this business segment. The Ortho Esthetica clinic in Konstancin-Jeziorna has now joined the network. Medicover Stomatologia has thus gained a company whose distinguishing features, apart from prosthetics and preventive dentistry services, are primarily aesthetic dentistry procedures and certified orthodontic treatment with Invisalign appliances. It has been announced that this is the thirtieth dental clinic to join the Medicover network.

Polmed opens a bag of money – will there be enough funds for further investments?

Less than a fortnight ago, information appeared on the first acquisition carried out by the Polmed network – two companies from the Starmedica network, which we wrote about here. At the beginning of March the Jantar Rehabilitation Hospital joined the network, which has over 350 beds and provides its services mainly to cardiological, neurological and orthopaedic patients. As part of the transaction, Polmed acquired two companies – Romed and Medyk Szpital.

The value of this transaction, as with the Starmedica acquisition, was also not disclosed. However, in an interview for Puls Biznesu, the president of Polmed, Radosław Szubert, stated that after two takeover transactions this year, the company still has several dozen million PLN left. This means that the realisation of another transaction in 2021 is still possible.

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